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Past Forms of Life Museum

Located at a site of the old Tejera (tile factory) of Robledillo de la Jara, during the construction of the new building, the remains of the original Tejera’s oven were discovered.

The museum pretends the recuperation of traditional cultural elements of the area that allows us to know important aspects of the past such as the traditional occupations, nowadays forgotten.

The exhibit has a series of reproductions that show the different characteristic occupations of the Sierra Norte such as: coal seller, blacksmith, baker, beekeeper, shepherd, etc. All the exhibits are supported with explanatory panels.

The visit is finished with an audio-visual presentation in which we can see the process of the occupations and also the importance of each one of them in the region.

In the outside, the visitor can contemplate a grand scale reproduction of a coal mine “carbonera”.

Past Forms of Life Museum
M-130 road.  Km 0.200 
28194 Robledillo de la Jara
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Calle Real, 47 - 28192
El Berrueco
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